Kapow! Noodle Bar

Noodles that will knock you out.

Kapow! Noodle Bar serves eclectic Asian-fusion dishes and brilliantly hand-crafted cocktails to raving fans in South Florida. Having worked together for the past five years, we’ve been happy to play a part in their continued growth and success. We were responsible for evolving the restaurant into a fun and quirky brand that stays true to its Asian roots. The brand has been well received and has helped contribute to continued increased guest counts and check averages.


Branding • Menu System • In-Store Marketing • Digital & Social Media Campaigns • Photography • Print Marketing • Environmental Graphics

Kapow! Logo
Kapow! Website
Kapow! Menu
Kapow! To-Go Box
Kapow! Ad
Kapow! 5 Year Graphic
Kapow! Brunch Menu
Kapow! Bento Box Card
Kapow! Cinco De Mayo Poster
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Kapow! Eblast
Kapow! Eblast
Kapow! Eblast
Kapow! Eblast

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