Pizza Fusion

Saving the Earth, one pizza at a time.

Pizza Fusion is an independent chain of fresh and organic pizza restaurants spanning the southeastern US and the UAE. Our first, and longest-running client, we’ve helped them grow from a small, local pizza joint to an international pizza franchise. We gave the brand a complete overhaul in 2010, redesigning their entire menu system, along with freshening up their photography and restaurant collateral, including vehicle wraps, signage, table tents, posters and more. The rebrand, and accompanying targeted direct mail campaign, resulted in a significant increase in revenue for all locations.


Branding • Menu System • In-Store Marketing • Digital & Social Media Campaigns • Photography • Print Marketing • Packaging • Environmental Graphics

Pizza Fusion Logo
Pizza Fusion Happy Hour Poster
Pizza Fusion Print Ad
Pizza Fusion Table Tent
Pizza Fusion Menu
Pizza Fusion To-Go Box
Pizza Fusion Check Presenter
Pizza Fusion Card Mailer
Pizza Fusion Vehicle Wrap
Pizza Fusion Coupon Mailer
Pizza Fusion Direct Mail
Pizza Fusion Farmer's Market Pizza
Pizza Fusion Mushroom Appetizer
Pizza Fusion Big Game Eblast
Pizza Fusion Valentine's Day Eblast

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